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Live or invest in Spain a la carte

Whether you see Spain as a place to invest, or whether you see it as a place to live, but you don't know where to begin, FELOP DESIGN will help you find your home made-to-measure, and will guide you in the search.

The FELOP DESIGN team knows how important and necessary it is to offer safety and confidence to non-resident people from abroad, and we offer our services and knowledge so that a purchase-from-a-distance is an easy process - and the surprise when you receive the property is even more delightful.

What differentiates us in the property sector is the fact that we look for opportunities which arise at specific moment in the market, whether at auction, or in banks, or in promotions-and therefore we don't have a product list.

Our services:

  • Search à la carte
  • Inspection of the property selected, in physical and material terms
  • Processing of purchase documents
  • Processing of mortgage loans
  • Search for tenants, and letting of the property acquired
  • Processing of letting documents
  • Decoration and furnishing of the property acquired
  • Remodelling.


- Investment from abroad
- Propertys

Real State Form

Specific development.
Buy to live.
Buy to let.
Rent to live.
Rent to set up business.
Luxury (attic/lofts/flat/chalet/apartment/semi-detached/office/shop premises).
New build (attic/lofts/flat/chalet/apartment/semi-detached/office/shop premises).
Used (attic/lofts/flat/chalet/apartment/semi-detached/office/shop premises).
Plot or land.
Industrial warehouses.
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