Technical and Aesthetic high-efficiency lighting

In 2006, we at Felop Design decided to study LED technology, and the needs of the market for it, in order to provide (in industrial use and for household interior design) versatile products for:

  • Lighting for new construction.
  • Replacement of obsolete lighting
  • Urban lighting.
  • Furniture lighting.

Energy-saving, environmental protection, while at the same time overcoming the technical and aesthetic characteristics of products used for lighting in the past - these are the objective of this technology. In Felop Design, we added an extra two products, since as professionals in architecture and interior design, we used the versatility provided by LED lighting products to provide personality to each project. Depending on the use given to each space. Also, working in collaboration with a range of professionals in the industry has made it possible to make the LED fit different types of furniture.

We want to be leaders in national and international terms in implementing personalised projects, with excellent service, which in addition to maintaining quality and economic savings, helps the client to become involved with global policies for environmental project protection.

Our values

  • Social commitment.
  • Personalised attention.
  • Profitable, efficient and aesthetic projects.
  • Transparency in information handling.Satisfaction guaranteed.

We provide our clients with the highest of aesthetic and technical quality in interior and exterior projects. LED lighting comes with a combination of very high energy savings, high stability and durability, lower levels of temperature than those produced by current lighting systems, and a commitment to absolute respect for the environment from the moment of manufacture. The aesthetics and efficiency in our products easily beats those of traditional lighting, and those of LED installations of our competitors, while complying with all current standards.

We assemble and connect our products with the best brands on the world market in LED devices and power sources. All of this, together with the excellent service, which governs our entire quality management system under ISO 9001:2008.

LED is the present and future in artificial lighting
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